In this Future Ecologies workshop, we will explore how mixed-reality cross-device ecologies can support the newly emerging modes of hybrid work. The way people are working and collaborating is fundamentally changing as we see a shift towards a distributed, online, and often nomadic work model across spaces, time zones, and roles that have been dramatically accelerated by Covid-19.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together academic researchers and practitioners working on the topics of (i) future of work and remote work practices, (ii) cross-device computing, and (iii) collaborative mixed reality, to flesh out a new vision for how immersive technologies can be leveraged to mediate and support these newly emerging modes of work.

We aim to document these new modes of ‘future work’ happening now, establish new conceptual approaches and vocabulary to discuss hybrid immersive experiences, and propose new sociotechnical possibilities to address emerging changes in work practices. We hope to welcome you at this exciting workshop!

Steven Houben and Nicolai Marquardt


Bill Buxton

Microsoft Research

Title and Details to be announced soon!

Bio "For over 40 years – as designer, musician, lecturer, writer, teacher, critic and researcher – Bill has been obsessed with the evolving human-technology dance.  From the creative disciplines of music, his focus has evolved to the broader stage upon which this dance takes place.  A practicing skeptimist, he is a devotee of Melvin Kranzberg’s first law:  “Technology is neither good nor bad;  nor is it neutral. It will be some combination of the two.”  Thus, he is driven by a pursuit of “informed design”, without which he believes the bias will most likely lean towards the bad rather than the good."



To accommodate for different time zones, the virtual workshop will run from 16:00 (4pm) CEST to 21:00 (9pm) CEST with regular (coffee) breaks to make the workshop as enjoyable as possible.

4pm-4:15pm Introductions

General welcome to all participants. Grab a coffee, say hello and check that you are invited to Slack, Miro, and zoom.

4:15-5:15pm Keynote 🪧

30 minute keynote by TBA followed by a 15 minute Q&A

5:15pm-6:15pm Kick-off Session

Unpack challenges and oppurtunities based on inspiration from keynote, selected papers, and submitted ideas by participants

6:15-6:30pm Screen break  ☕️  

Short 15 min break! Get a coffee or go outside for some fresh air.

6:30pm-7:30pm Mapping out the design space

In-depth unpacking of the design space, mapping out important dimensions, components, challenges, and opportunities,...

7:30-7:45pm Screen break 

Short 15 min break! Get a coffee or go outside for some fresh air.

8:00pm - 8:45pm Planning next steps and collaboration

We synthesise key outcomes of the workshop, and plan out the next steps for the synthesis paper aimed at ACM CHI, ToCHI or Interactions.

8:45pm - 9:00pm Wrap-up and closing remarks

Final comments, discussion point, planning points and reflections from the organisers and participants.

9:00pm - Online drinks ☕️ 🍹

Informal optional online social event for networking.



We invite academic researchers, industry experts, and practitioners to submit their interests. 

Date: TBA
Location: Online

Time: 4pm-9pm CEST